Boy climbing in Neu-Ulm
Climbing in Neu-Ulm. Copyright: DAV/Thilo Brunner
10 recommendations for indoor climbing

Indoor climbing - fair behaviour

In climbing gymns many people are around! Respect other climbers. If necessary, point out possible errors and dangers and stick to the climbing rules of the the German Alpine Club. 

1. You are responsible!

  • You use the climbing and bouldering facilities on your own responsibility! The operator does not perform regular inspections.

  • There is a severe danger of falling when climbing and bouldering: You or somebody else may be seriously or lethally injured.

  • Pay attention to what is happening around you and get involved when errors occur!

2. Fairness and mutual consideration!

  • Be considerate and do not endanger others.

  • Adapt your behavior to the respective situation.

  • Avoid checking out routes and reserving routes over long time periods and prevent unnecessary falling.

  • Stay on your evident climbing route.

  • Belayers need some room for action.

  • Avoid unnecessary or excessive use of magnesia.

  • Use suitable shoes for climbing and bouldering.

3. Attention – danger zone!

  • Objects may fall down on the floor in the climbing or bouldering hall.

  • The danger still exists when you are not climbing or bouldering.

  • Be aware of the potential danger zone above you.

4. Remove obstacles!

  • Always keep the climbing and bouldering area free from backpacks, drinking bottles, prams, play mats etc.

  • Do not position any objects there and leave equipment and furniture where it is (tables, chairs, etc.).

5. Provide first aid in case of accidents!

  • Every climber is obligated to help. Immediately inform the staff of the climbing facility.

  • Submit your personal data if requested.

6. Any damage must be reported!

  • Damaged or loose holds, climbing plates, anchors, carabiners or quickdraws are to be reported immediately. Modifications are prohibited.

  • Closed routes are to be respected.

7. The climbing hall is no playground!

  • Supervise your children.

  • Playing is prohibited in climbing and bouldering areas for security reasons.

  • Minors aged at least 14 years may only go climbing without supervision if they have a written declaration of consent of their legal guardian.

8. Danger from jewellery and long hair!

  • Jewellery may get tripped and cause injuries.

  • Tie up long hair: it may get caught in your belay device.

  • Leave your chalkbag on the floor when bouldering or fix it without using a carabiner.

9. Alcohol and smoking are prohibited!

  • Do not go climbing or bouldering after drinking alcohol.

  • Smoking is prohibited – also in the outdoor area.

10. Mobile phones, music and animals are a disturbance!

  • Mobile phones distract you and may fall down.

  • Headphones impair your attention.

  • Bringing animals is prohibited