People with ski in snowy landscap
Naturally on tour: winter in the bavarian region Allgau. Foto:
10 guidelines

Sustainable trip to the backcountry

Heading out for the fresh powder in the backcountry? Do so with respect for nature and others by following our 10 principal guide lines.

If you are planning to go skitouring or snowshoeing, you should be aware of these 10 tips for a nature-compatible winter trip.

1. Stay on the recommended routes: signs from the German Alpine Club’s (DAV) Naturally on Tour campaign (Natürlich auf Tour) indicate sensitive areas.

2. Respect protected areas and wildlife zones; avoid making noise.

3. Whenever possible, avoid all contact with wild animals, do only observe them from a distance. Avoid feeding sites. Keep dogs on a leash.

4. In midwinter, avoid peaks and ridges before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.

5. Stay on forest roads and marked paths in forested areas and at the tree line; keep a distance from isolated groups of trees and shrubs.

6. Preserve reforestation areas and young forests.

7. Use environmentally-friendly transportation: public transport or car sharing; use marked parking areas; do not block driveways.

8. Plan multi-day trips rather than taking multiple day trips; eat locally.

9. Plan tours with guide books and maps that are certified by the DAV.

10. Ski touring within ski resort boundaries: respect the rules (German)!