Two people climbing on fixed rope routes
Climbing on fixed rope routes. Copyright: Wolfgang Ehn
10 Recommendations by the German Alpine Club (DAV)

Climbing Via Ferrata - Safe and fair

Climbing on fixed rope routes or vie ferrate is associated with risks. In case of insufficient preparation, defective equipment or inappropriate behavior there is a danger of falling! For climbing on fixed rope routes, the alpine clubs recommend prior training by qualified experts.

1. Careful Planning

Planning is the key to safe and enjoyable tours in vie ferrate. Inform yourself in detail on difficulty and length, ascent and descent, weather and conditions.

2. Choose your destination according to your personal abilities!

If you choose difficulties which demand too much this may dampen the experience and lead to dangerous situations.

3. Use complete standard-compliant equipment!

Climbing belt, via ferrata set and helmet: only a consistent and correct application of the equipment enables you to safely climb fixed rope routes. For emergencies, take first aid kits and your mobile phone with you (euro-emergency hotline 112).

4. Do not climb in case of thunderstorms!

Lightning poses a life-threatening danger. Rain, wet and cold increase the risk of slipping and falling.

5. Critically examine the wire rope and anchors!

Falling rocks, snow pressure, frost wedging or corrosion may cause damages at the fixed-aid climbs. Do not enter closed vie ferrate.

6. Check each other`s equipment at the entry

Mutually check: belt latch, connection of via ferrata set and climbing belt, helmet.

7. Maintain sufficient distances!

Only one person each may be between two anchors.

8. Clear agreement when overtaking!

Communication and thoughtfulness prevent dangerous situations when overtaking and in case of oncoming people.

9. Beware of falling rocks!

Walking and climbing carefully prevents rock falls.

10. Respect Nature and the Environment

Use public transport or a car pool to get to your point of departure. Do not litter and avoid unnecessary noise.


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