Benefits of the DAV membership

Bergsteigen im alpinen Gelände, mit und ohne Seilversicherung. Foto: DAV/Julian Rohn

Welcome to the DAV family!

As a member, you are not only part of a local mountain sports community, but also belong to the big DAV family. You benefit from a huge range of offers. Here are a few reasons why you should join. As a member of the DAV you get a lot of cool benefits!

The DAV is the largest mountain sports association in the world and one of the most important sports and nature conservation associations in Germany. We are united by the joy of outdoor sports, the urge to climb mountains and the goal of protecting our beautiful mountain landscape for the future.

Find out more about the benefits of the DAV membership here:

Become a member of the DAV - your benefits

And this is what our members say:

"The DAV sections do great youth work within the framework of the JDAV. You have excellent opportunities to learn climbing and bouldering in a sound and safe way. In addition, the Kidscups and Jugendcups offer a great opportunity for performance-oriented young climbers to take part in competitions."
"As a young adult (under 26), DAV membership pays off very quickly if you take advantage of the offers - especially discounted indoor admissions and alpine club cabins."
"All the DAV offers are very helpful for mountain ventures! Also the contacts and friendships we experienced have accompanied us for many years and some of them have remained until today!"
"The Alpine Club is very committed to mountaineers and nature, in the sense of sustainable alpinism. This is becoming more and more important during our time and I think that the DAV is doing a good job of keeping up with the changing requirements of both mountain visitors and the environment and helping to shape them."
"Courses and guided tours are offered. You can attend a training leader course yourself and become a tour leader. The DAV is a great and highly recommendable association."
"It is great that the DAV is committed to the careful and preserving coexistence of man and nature. A thousand thanks for your work and commitment!!!"