FAQs concerning a membership in the DAV

The most important questions and answers:

What are the benefits of DAV membership?

As a DAV member, you can benefit from numerous advantages, such as discounts in the Alpine Club cabins and on courses, insurance coverage in the event of mountain accidents, access to a wide range of climbing facilities and the opportunity to take part in DAV tours and events. Find out more about the benefits of DAV membership here.

What are the membership options?

There are different membership options depending on age and individual needs. These include, for example, individual memberships for adults, partner memberships, family memberships and memberships for children and young people. You can find the exact fees and conditions on the websites of the DAV sections.

Is there an age limit for a DAV membership?

No, there is no age limit for DAV membership. Both children and adults can become members and enjoy the corresponding benefits.

Can I also become a member of the DAV if I do not practice alpine mountain sports?

Yes, the DAV is open to all people interested in mountain sports, regardless of whether they actively practice alpine mountain sports or not. The association offers many activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing and mountain biking. All nature lovers are also welcome.

How long does a DAV membership last?

A DAV membership is valid for one calendar year and is automatically renewed for another year unless it is cancelled by September 30th of the current year coming into effect as of December 31st that year.

How can I cancel my DAV membership?

Cancellation of your DAV membership has to be in written form sent to your section. You can find the exact contact details and cancellation procedures on the website of your section.

Can I transfer my DAV membership to another person?

No, a DAV membership is personal and non-transferable. Each person must have their own membership in order to benefit from the advantages of the DAV.

How do I receive my DAV membership card?

After you have applied for membership and paid your membership fee, you will receive your DAV membership card by mail. If you join online, you will receive a temporary membership card by e-mail immediately after your registration was successful. This will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of your membership from 00:00 the following day. Your official, physical membership card will be sent to you by mail at a later date.

In addition to the physical membership card, a digital membership card will be available starting summer 2023, which can be accessed via the member self-service portal mein.alpenverein.de.

How do I change my personal details in DAV Membership?

There are several ways to change your personal information in DAV Membership. You can either contact your local section office or the DAV Membership Department and inform them of the changes. Alternatively, you can use the Member Self Service at mein.alpenverein.de to update your information online. It is important that you keep your details up to date so that the DAV can contact you and keep you informed.

Can I use my DAV membership in other countries?

DAV membership is primarily valid for the German Alpine Association. However, there are also international links with other Alpine associations, such as the Austrian Alpine Association (OeAV), the South Tyrolean Alpine Association (AVS) or the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). In many cases, DAV members can also get discounts from partner clubs abroad. It is advisable to enquire if you have a specific need.

Can I transfer my DAV membership from one section to another?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your DAV membership from one section to another. If you are moving or otherwise wish to continue your membership with another section, you may request a section change. To do so, contact the office of the section you wish to change to and submit the appropriate application.

What steps are required to change sections?

To change your section, you must first contact the new section and inform them of your interest in changing. You will be asked to fill in the membership form of the new section. The membership of the old section must be cancelled as described above.

Does the membership fee change if I switch sections?

The membership fee may change if you change Sections. The amount of the membership fee may vary from Section to Section depending on the services offered. It is advisable to check with the new Section for the current fees.

Can I continue to enjoy the benefits of the previous section after changing sections?

Once you have changed sections, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your old section for the current year.

As a DAV member in one Section, can I apply for membership in another Section?

Yes, as a DAV member of a Section, you have the opportunity to apply for a C-Membership in another Section. A C-Membership allows you to be a member of one or more other Sections in addition to your main Section.

How do I apply for C-Membership in another Section?

To apply for C-Membership in another Section, you should contact the office of that Section directly. They will provide you with the necessary information and application forms.

How can I contact the DAV if I have further questions?

There are several ways to contact your DAV Section. On the official website you will find the contact details of the offices, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. There you can ask your questions or request further information.