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FAQs: Online-Hut-Reservation-System (OHRS)

Are you planning a trip in the Alps and want to stay overnight in one of our mountain club huts? You can book your overnight stay online! The Online-Hut-Reservation-System (OHRS) is a transnational project between the alpine associations AVS, DAV, ÖAV and SAC.

You can find a general overview about the OHRS here (german).

Access the Online-Hut-Reservation-System: Where do I find access to the website?

The reservation system for the Alpenverein huts does not have its own landing homepage.


You can access the system via the following websites:


  • Hut websites in the DAV hut search machine: DAV Hüttensuche

  • Hut websites in the ÖAV hut search machine: ÖAV Hüttenfinder 

  • Hut websites on

  • The homepage of each respective Alpenverein hut.

  • The homepage of the hut owning Alpenverein department.

Participating huts: On which huts can I book rooms or beds via the OHRS?

The participation in the OHRS is voluntary, so there are Alpenverein huts that do not use this reservation system. 


The system is not Alpenverein exclusive, so privately owned huts are allowed to also use the reservation system.

Registration: How do I sign up for the OHRS?

  1. You can only register as user in the OHRS if you book a room or bed in one of the huts. So, if you are using the OHRS for the first time, you need to select "Guest (no login)" at Step 2/6 during the reservation process. Afterwards, you can create a user profile at Step 3/6.

  2. Select the box saying "Save my personal data for future reservations" at Step 3/6.

  3. After clicking the "Next" button, you will be asked to choose a password and confirm it.

  4. Select "Next" and confirm your reservation. You now are registered as user, and from this point forward you can sign up here.


OHRS user are not automatically "mein.alpenverein" user. The member data base of the DAV is not yet connected to the OHRS system. We are currently working on a solution.

User login: Where can I log in as a registered user?

As registered user you can log in here

  • Your user name ist always the email address which you used during your reservation process

  • Please do always use the tab "Registered user"

  • If you forgot your password select "PASSWORD FORGOTTEN" and reset it. You will receive an email with a link to change your password. 

If you did not receive an email you have two options: 

  1. You have not registered yourself as user in the OHRS. You can still change your reservation via the confirmation email. You will find a link in the email where you can access your reservation.

  2. You registered yourself as user of the OHRS via the SAC login. You do not have to be a member of SAC to do this. If you have used this way of registration, you have to log in here and reset the password. 


Reservation process: How do I book a sleeping place via the OHRS?

When starting the reservation process via the OHRS you will have to select a date for your stay. You will be directed to the calendar where you will have an overview for available space. 

At our alpine huts follwing categories are available:

  • Double rooms: 2 sleeping places per room. Not every hut offers this category.

  • Shared bedrooms: 3-6 sleeping places per room

  • Large rooms: starting from 7 sleepig places per room

The colours indicate the hut capacity:

  • Green - space is available

  • Yellow / Orange - half of the space of each category is available / only few spaces are still available 

  • Red - hut is fully booked in the specific category


Please select your preferred date to book your bed(s) in the specific category. 

If there are to few or no beds available anymore, you have the option to put your name on a waiting list - if the hut manager has acrtivated this option. 

The hut managers can individually decide how many days/ hours before arrival an online reservation is possible. The system will let you know if its too late and you need to get in touch with the hut managers. 

Attention: if you want to stay at one of the self-catering huts, ckeck contact options beforehand as these huts are not managed, i.e. there is no contact person on-site.


Brief instruction: 

  • Select "Schlafplatz reservieren" either on the DAV Hüttensuche website or the hut's website 

  • Choose a date

  • Choose the number of nights and beds in teh respective category

  • Choose half-board lodging (Yes or No) - if available 

  • Choose a time of arrival, comment if necessary

  • Enter user data

  • Read the general terms and conditions (hut rules) and accept them

  • Submit your reservation request


Confirmation of reservation: Do I receive a written confirmation of my booking?

Do I receive a written confirmation of my booking?

You will receive an email after a successful reservation with a link to confirm your email address. You need to confirm your email address within a certain time limit. Should you not receive an email, please check your SPAM folder, as the email does get blocked sometimes. 


Important: If you do not confirm your email address within the time limit, your reservation will not be valid and deleted. Your booked rooms or beds will be made available for other guests. 

You booked rooms and/or beds but the reservation does not appear in your user profile?

In this case you probably booked as a guest without creating a user profile. You can access your reservation by clicking the link in th confirmation e-mail that was sent to your used mail address. With this link you can change or cancel your reservation. Please note that you cannot add an already existing reservation to your user profile, if you did this as a guest.

Waiting list: What can I do, when there is no more space available?

Attention: You can be put on a waiting list, but only if the hut wardens activated it. This means that this is not a possible option at every hut! 


This is how it works:  

  • There are no more rooms or beds available on your preferred date.

  • When selecting a bed or room, a message appears, that there is no more space available.

  • If you click the "Next" button, you will be directed to the next step in the booking process. Here, a new message in red will remind you that you will be put on the waiting list. 

  • When entering your personal data you will be reminded that your reservation will be put on the waiting list.  

  • If there happen to be free beds available on this date, the hut warden will contact you. This can happen on a very short term notice.


Credit card: Do I need a credit card to make a reservation and where can I change my credit card information?

Credit card module: If the hut manager has activated the credit card module, bookings are ONLY possible with a credit or debit card to secure the booking. The credit card will only be charged in case of cancellation (please check the reservation conditions of the respective hut).  

We would like to point out that the main office of the DAV cannot make any bookings at the huts.


Debit card information: This is a normal ATM card (=EC card) with a corresponding credit card function. It is used by banks to enable all those who do not have a credit card to pay on the internet. On the back of the card there is a corresponding number, an expiry date and a check digit.


Debit of money: You will receive an SMS with the information about the debit of € 1,- when authorising the credit card. This amount is only required for the full authorisation and is cancelled at the same time.
This amount will therefore not be debited.
The amount will only be debited if the cancellation is not made on time or if the guest does not show up.


Prerequisites for successful reservation processing:

  • The credit card used is registered for the 3 D Secure procedure.

  • A stable internet connection and correct data entry

  • The credit card is valid for at least 30 days after the date of arrival.


Changing the credit card information: If you want to change or delete the credit card you are using with the OHRS, you can do this via your user profile

Changing the reservation: How do I change / complete /cancel my reservation?

  1. As a non-registered user: Save the confirmation email and use the direct link to call up and change the booking. If you can not change it, please contact the hut manager. 

  2. As a registered user: Use the following link, then enter your username and password and you will get access to your bookings.

Cancellation deadline: Which deadlines do I have to consider?

  • Please note that there is NO common regulation for cancellations at Alpine Club huts and that each hut can have different regulations.

  • You will be informed about the respective cancellation regulations while making a reservation.

  • You need to accept the cancellation conditions before the final confirmation of your booking. In the attachment of the booking reservation email you will also receive the cancellation conditions. In addition the cancellation conditions can be acessed on the website of each hut. 

Error message: Whom can I contact, if I encounter problems during my reservation process?

  • For questions concerning your reservation, the respective hut manager is always the first point of contact.

  • The DAV main office cannot process or cancel reservations.

  • If you receive an error message when entering your credit card information, this may be due to the following:

  1. The credit card is not approved for the 3D Secure system. Since 1 January 2021, every credit card used in online commerce must be approved for the 3D Secure system. Please contact your credit card issuer. 

  2. Message apppears: Please contact your bank. Please get in touch with your bank. 

  3. Time-out: your internet connection is not stable or the input was not fast enough and the process is aborted. Please try again!

  4. Validity: the credit card must be valid for at least 30 days from the date of arrival.

  5. If cases 1-3 do not apply, please send an email to with the name of the credit card holder, the time of the reservation attempt and a screenshot of the error message.

User account: What do I do if i want to change my e-mail address or delete my account?

In this case, please send an email to with the request to either change the e-mail address or delete the profile. Please include the email address under which the profile is registered in the system.