Halls & Walls 2023 Program

Halls & Walls 2023 Logo: DAV
  • Fair attendance and product presentations
    Take a look at the exhibitor`s highlights and new products of 2023 at hall A7. Discussions, meetings and product presentations take place at the stands and in different conference rooms.

  • Professional lectures and discussions
    Experts present and discuss the latest topics and issues. Discussions and exchange of opinion in the plenary in the foyer.

Friday, 24 November 2023

  • 9.00 am   Start of fair

  • 9.30 am   Welcome address and keynote
    Official welcome address and opening of the climbing gym meeting in the foyer.

  • 12.00 am – 1.00 pm Routesetting Roundtable (d) in room Paris
    Interactive discussion among colleagues about challenges, experiences and best practices. Where does the shoe pinch and how can we make it fit?

    Julius Kerscher, member of the DAV training team route setting
    Peter Zeidelhack, operation manager DAV Climbing Centre Munich South and member of the DAV training team route setting

  • 2.00 - 3.00 pm   Attractive routes and boulder problems - the long-term recipe for success of every climbing and bouldering gym  (d/e) in the foyer
    Create attractive routes and boulder problems in climbing gyms requires experience, creativity and craftsmanship. The panel discussion will highlight the central field of work of climbing and bouldering gyms: From the organisation of route setting to the necessary equipment to route setting as a service, craft and/or art. Last but not least, the question will be discussed how to get different and attractive movement patterns on the wall.

    Nick Mammel, CEO Urban Apes Climbing Gyms
    Peter Zeidelhack, operation manager DAV Climbin Centre Munich South and member of the DAV training team route setting
    Christoph Gabrysch, operation manager Climbing Centre Kempten and member of the DAV training team route setting
    Björn Jockel, DAV education officer sport climbing

    Thomas Bucher, DAV press officer

  • 4.30 - 5.30 pm    Setting boulder problems - creative, functional & attractive   (d/e) in the foyer East
    "Form follows function" or "form follows fiction"? How do we set creative and functional boulder problems? Mind games, facts, do's & don'ts. Experiences, suggestions and insights for successful route setting at competition and everyday level.

    Speaker: Manuel Wiegel, professional route-setter

    Thomas Bucher, DAV press officer

  • 5.30 pm   Halls & Walls Get-Together at the DAV booth in hall A7
    Meeting of the climbing gym community in the Halls & Walls Lounge with free drinks sponsored by Boulders Kletterhallenservice and T-Wall

  • 6.00 pm   Vertical Pro Party at the foyer East
    Conclusion of the 1st day


Saturday, 25 November 2023

  •  9.00 am   Start of fair

  • 11.30 - 12.30 am   Inclusive route setting - climbing for everyone   (d/e) in the foyer
    The limitations for people with and without disabilities can be very different, so the requirements for route setting are also very different. The speakers provide clear examples from practice and discuss how they address the special needs of different target groups. The aim is to create conditions for everyone to enjoy physical activity.

    Dr. Claudia Kern, Head of the Neurology Department of the Board of Trustees for Prevention and Rehabilitation at the TUM and member of the DAV training team inclusion
    Julius Kerscher, member of the DAV training team route setting

    Thomas Bucher, DAV press officer

  • 1.00 - 2.00 pm   The Greener Gym - Idealistic fantasy or practical reality?    (e/d) in the foyer
    Keep carbon in the ground? This global challenge may seem remote to many of us, but our gyms rely on holds and volumes, panels, structures and more. How are our suppliers facing up to the global challenge, and can competition climbing help drive down our gyms’ environmental impact?

    Tiphaine Lazard, Marketing Manager EP CLIMBING
    Tim Mullens/Geert Voncken, Greenholds
    Dan French, Composite X

    Colin Knowles, IFSC Europe Sustainability Commission

  • 2.30 - 3.30 pm   Route setting on social media - curse or blessing? What´s the point?   (d/e) in the foyer
    Three professionals present their work with social media. In their lectures on their social media channels, they show what makes their channel so successful. How do you manage to reach a lot of followers on Instagram? How do you both do good for route setting and build a booming social media channel? What needs to be considered and what content should be published not only for safety reasons? These and other questions will then be discussed.

    Marie-Luise Kühne, marketing and route setting Magic Mountain
    Rebekka Schütze, climbing instructor and professional routesetter
    Fabian Pensel, commercial and competition routesetter
    Peter Zeidelhack, operation manager DAV Climbing Centre Munich South and member of the DAV training team route setting

    Thomas Bucher, DAV press officer

  • 5.00 pm   End of fair

  • 6.00 pm   Bouldering competition Vertical Comp in the bouldering gym „Greifbar"
    On the occasion of the Halls and Walls in Friedrichshafen, the bouldering gym Greifbar is organising the Vertical Comp for the second time. Top athletes and ambitious hobby climbers compete against each other in two rounds on new volumes and holds of the exhibitors.

Program Halls & Walls 2023

More information and tickets are available at www.vertical-pro.com/en-gb/halls-and-walls.