Visitor Information 2019

Place and Time

22 and 23 November 2019

NürnbergConvention Center West

Otto-Bärnreuther-Straße 12

90471 Nürnberg



Opening hours

Friday, 22 November 2019, 10:00 – 18:00 hrs

Saturday, 23 November 2019, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs


Hall plan and list of exhibitors

The  Plan of Exhibition Hall shows this year's exhibition space of the NCC West.

The  Exhibitors List shows all exhibitors registered for Halls & Walls 2019.


Last update: 5 November 2019



This year's lectures focus on the topics of "Liability & Law", "Climbing & Health" and "Education of DAV climbing gym operators”. For the international exchange of information the main speeches, taking place in room Paris, will be simultaneously translated into English. Beyond these lectures, workshops and product presentations take place on an ongoing basis.


More details about the program here.


Framework program

  • Friday, 22 November 2019
    18:00 Come together – stand party until 22:30 hrs
  • Saturday, 23 November 2019
    18:00 hrs  AfterWork Bouldering session at the Bouldergym E4, Allersberger Straße 185, 90461 Nuremberg
    18:45 hrs  Show-competition "Masters of Stone 2019" at the Bouldergym E4: Masters of Stone

Tickets and Registration

Halls & Walls is a conference fair. Only registered trade visitors have access. A visit costs 35.00 euros for both days (Print@Home ticket) or 40.00 euros at the box office. Included are dinner and drinks at the Come Together Party on Friday evening.


Please note: You can only pay cash at the box office!


Tickets are available as of now at the ticket shop.


How to get there and accommodation

The way from the underground station "Messe" to the Entrance West is approx. 3 minutes by foot.

There is a visitor car park at Parkplatz West and Parkplatz Süd.

A taxi stand is located directly at the Entrance West and Frankenhalle.

Download Site Plan


How to get there by car, train, plane, see:



Public Transportation

Tickets for local transport (tram, underground, bus) can be purchased here: VGN Tickets (English version available)

The "Day Ticket Solo" is valid for unlimited rides and transfers. The airport can also be reached with this ticket.


 A network map can be found here



There is a limited contigent of hotels with different price categories available. The contingent is valid until Sunday, 24.11.2019. If you need to book by Sunday, please, choose 24.11.2019 as departure day, as the standard view only shows the period 22 to 23 November. https://hotels.nuernbergmesse.de/en/fair/100080


Privat rooms can be booked via https://www.bed-and-breakfast.de/regional_e/nuernberg/


There is also a campsite directly opposite the fair https://www.knauscamp.de/nuernberg.html





If you have any questions, please contact hallsandwalls[Klammeraffe]alpenverein[Punkt]de