Halls & Walls 2020 digital

With Halls & Walls 2020 digital, the German Alpine Association (DAV) has offered an alternative symposium format to exchange ideas on the most important topics in the indoor climbing industry in this special year of the corona pandemic.


Thomas Bucher (DAV press officer) moderated four panel discussions with topics following below. The audience was able to contribute questions and comments via chat into the roundtable. Here you can find the replay of the panel discussion.


  • Panel Discussion 1
    Best prospects! The development of indoor climbing
    with Matthias Polig (Vertical Life), Peter Zeidelhack (Orgasport), Christian Benk (Einstein Boulder gyms and Benky Climbing), Dr. Wolfgang Wabel (German Alpine Association - DAV)
  • Interview with Julia Janotte (DAV Safety Research)
    Latest news from safety research
  • Panel Discussion 2
    Coronavirus pandemic! Experience in climbing gym operation - and what we can learn for the future
    with Christian Popien (Bahnhof Blo gym Wuppertal and ClimbInn), Daniel Buse (DAV climbing gym Bielefeld), Christoph Staehle (Kletterbar gym Offenbach, Hannover and Kiel), Christoph Gabrysch (DAV climbing gym Kempten)
  • Prospects for Halls & Walls 2021


The presentations summarized in one document can be found in the download section below.


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