Timetable 2019


  • Registration: 17 June to 14 July 2018
    The procurement of the stand spaces will be effected in the order of registration receipt; in case of overbooking, a waiting list will be set up.


  • Late registration with a surcharge of 30 % as long as stands are available
  • Generating a layout of the hall plan and submit the same to the respective authorities for verification


  • 19 August: Publication of the hall plan
  • Invoicing and due date of payment of the stand rental. The invoice includes the stand number which is required for ordering power supply, partitioning walls, carpet and similar services.


  • October: Deadline for service orders (power supply, partitioning walls, carpet, desks, chairs, etc.) 18 October 2019




Registration will be possible exclusively online.

Please note the deadline for registration on 14 July 2019! A surcharge of 30 % will be charged for late registrations for the additional time and effort.


Registration for  E X H I B I T O R S

After receipt of the registration, a booking confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.

  • Registration is closed


Registration for  C O E X H I B I T O R S

Co-exhibitors are companies sharing or using the stand of a main exhibitor in order to present their own products. If you are a co-exhibitor, the fee is € 120.00 plus the statutory value-added tax. It includes the entry of the company data into the list of exhibitors and one exhibitor pass.


Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail.

  • Registration is closed




Costs and billing

After registration's deadline the hall plan will be set up and will subsequently be authorised by the responsible authorities. After that, the sizes of the stand areas and the stand numbers are definitely defined and known. A minimum area of 10 m² will be provided.


The rent is € 70.00/m² exhibition space plus the statutory value-added tax. A surcharge of 30 % will be charged for late registrations because of the additional time and effort for the organiser.


You will receive invoice, stand sketch including dimensioning and stand number. You need the stand number for ordering power supply, carpet and similar services provided by Nuremberg Trade Fair Service Partners.




Product presentations

  • For product presentations the conference rooms Dublin with 63 m², Zurich with 69 m² (each about 70 persons) and Amsterdam with 120 m² (about 110 persons) are available.
  • The rooms may each be rented for 45 minutes.
  • 15 minutes are planned for the changeover.
  • Booking of the conference rooms is possible in the course of registration.
  • The assignment of the rooms will be effected in the order of receipt of registration.
  • The presentations are mainly planned in times without other official program.
  • Room rental for the rooms Dublin and Zurich is € 120.00 /45 min plus the statutory value-added tax.
  • Room rental for the room Amsterdam is € 200.00 /45 min plus the statutory value-added tax.
  • A surcharge of 30 % will be charged for the additional time and effort for late registrations.

Conference Rooms

  • If required, conference rooms Cannes and Tunis with 52 m² each within the NCC West may be booked for meetings (each about 25 persons, classroom style).
  • Room rental for the rooms Cannes and Tunis is € 70.00 /45 min plus the statutory value-added tax.




Services provided by the DAV

The German Alpine Club, being the organiser

  • rents the exhibition grounds in the NCC West,
  • invites all exhibitors,
  • informs interested parties and persons,
  • list Halls & Walls at the fair list of expodatabase,
  • does the organisational planning and issues the list of exhibitors,
  • provides order forms for services offered by the Nuremberg Trade Fair service partners,
  • provides free of charge Wi-Fi Wireless Internet connection for exhibitors,
  • promotes the event using various media,
  • distributes invitations and information,
  • operates and manages the website hallsandwalls.de comprising information for exhibitors and visitors,
  • organises the proper conduct of the event: measure in the stands, admission control, registration with the authorities, construction cleaning, daily cleaning of the corridors, heating / ventilation, toilet service, control staff during assembly, runtime and dismantling, night watch and medical services,
  • organises the framework program.


There is no right to benefits and services which are not listed above.

Examples of services which are expressly not included for participating parties are:

  • The release of visitor data; neither postal nor e-mail addresses.
  • A right to a certain placement, dimensioning or format of the stand.
  • First priority when planning the stands is an effective use of the hall grounds (optimised economic efficiency, low stand fees and improved atmosphere)
  • An „arbitration function“ of the organiser. The procurement of the stand areas does not follow political interests or desires of individual interest groups.




Plan of exhibition

This year, additional to the space at the foyer and at levels 1 and 2 there will be space in the adjoining hall 12, see the .


Specification of the exhibition area:

  • The maximum possible booth height at the NCC West foyer and levels 1 and 2 is 2.10 m
  • The maximum possible booth height in hall 12 is 5.65 m
  • Floor cover in the foyer is flagstone, in levels 1 and 2 is carpet.
  • Hall 12 has a coated industrial flooring.

General site plan of the Nuremberg fair grounds: site plan

Plan of exhibition area showing the booth spaces: Plan of Exhibition Hall Halls & Walls 2019




Services of Nuremberg Trade Fair (NürnbergMesse) and service manual

The partners of the Nuremberg Trade Fair offer extensive services. All necessary information for exhibitors as well as offers of service partners are summarised in a service manual.


Halls & Walls service manual 2019

service manual Exhibitors Info Manual Halls & Walls 2019


Documents to be completed and returned:

Checklist and requirement specification Checklist Halls & Walls 2019

Stand design information Stand design information S1


Special structures, two-storey stands

Special structures


The most popular pages are:


Or use the fast option for ordering power supply, carpet and stand partition walls only:

Complete rental stands+electricity+cleaning S0


  • Please directly send the order forms to the service partners of Nuremberg Trade Fair, not to the DAV (organiser): hallsandwalls[Klammeraffe]nuernbergmesse[Punkt]de
  • Please order timely until 18th October 2019 with the service partners – if the order is placed too late, an additional fee will be charged!




List of exhibitors

After invoicing, the list of exhibitors will be set up including company name, logo, brand name, products, stand number and website. Please check your entry and send any change and correction requests by e-mail.


List of exhibitors of Halls & Walls 2019 in alphabetic order (last updated: 10 October 2019).




Communicate your participation

Achieve maximum possible success and communicate your participation at Halls & Walls. The most cost-effective possibilities are publications on your own website, a note in your e-mail signature or your next company newsletter.


Download of logo package

The exhibition logo for your website and your entire correspondence: invitation letters, invoices, e-mail signature, newsletter, etc. You can download the Halls & Walls logo of 2019 here .




Exhibitor passes

Using the exhibitor pass you have access to the NCC West already from 08:00 hrs. Therefore, exhibitor passes must not be handed out to visitors. Exhibitor passes are issued in stages:

  • 3 exhibitor passes for the first 10 m² exhibition space
  • 2 exhibitor passes in addition for every further 10 m² exhibition space
  • 1 exhibitor pass for co-exhibitors

There are no special passes distributed for the assembly time.





Dispatch to the exhibition stand

When dispatching directly to the exhibition stand, please use this recipient address:


Halls & Walls, NCC West, Stand (your stand number)


contact person, cellphone

Messezentrum Nürnberg


90471 Nürnberg



Halls & Walls lasts four days, two assembly days and two days of event and exhibition. Please ensure that

  • the shipment arrives during this period of time and 
  • the recipient is present to accept the shipment. The Nuremberg Fair will not accept the shipment in your place!


With shipments from outside the EU into the EU, customs duties and import turnover tax may be charged. Please make arrangements to prevent your shipment from being delayed at customs. If in doubt please clarify the case with your forwarder or the partner of the Nuremberg Trade Fair:


Schenker Deutschland AG

Messezentrum Nürnberg

Service Partner Center

90471 Nürnberg

Tel +49 (0) 9 11. 8 17 48-0

Fax +49 (0) 9 11. 8 17 48-25







Advertising possibilities

  • Advertisement banners on the gallery railing of the first floor, matched to the span widths in lengths of 1.00 m, 2.20 m, 3.40 m, 4.60 m. Height of banner: 0.80 m. For each section (span) € 70.00 plus the statutory value-added tax will be charged. Banner ordering in the course of the online registration or via e-mail to hallsandwalls[Klammeraffe]alpenverein[Punkt]de.
    The banner has to be delivered by the exhibitor to us on the first day of assembly. Our service is providing the advertising space and fixing the banners at the railing.
    The material must be hardly inflammable and must not drip in case of fire (B1-fire protection certificate for indoor banners). Only eyeleted banners will be suspended.
  • Flags, large format prints, roll-up-displays, deco islands in suitable places in the foyer. After prior consultation and at extra cost.

Not possible or not allowed:

  • Flags or banners outside the rented stand area without prior consultation with the organiser
  • Display and distribution of promotional material outside the rented stand area
  • Advertising on the Halls & Walls webpages as well as in room Paris




Come together – Halls & Walls Party

The exhibition is open on Friday, 22 November 2019, until 18:00 hrs.

Afterwards, the come-together party will start. The party is planned to end at 22:30 hrs. Until 23:00 hrs everybody has to leave the NCC West. After 18:00 hrs you are not allowed to visit external exhibition stands.




Assembly time

20 November 2019, 07:00 – 19:00 hrs (only permitted in the foyer and hall 12)

21 November 2019, 07:00 – 21:00 hrs

22 November 2019, 07:00 – 10:00 hrs


Because of the distances from the loading gate to the exhibition stand as well as to the lifts bringing a handcart or trolley or similar assistive equipment is strongly recommended.




Dismantling time

23 November 2019, 17:00 – 24:00 hrs


At 24:00 hrs the dismantling has to be fully completed and the hall has to be cleared. Please already consider this when planning the stand and, if necessary, plan to have additional staff for dismantling. 




Loading and parking

During assembly and dismantling, entry into loading yard 12 is possible against payment of a deposit of € 100.00 - with the exception of trucks over 7.5 t during dismantling. The deposit will be refunded if you leave the loading yard on time and within the applicable time limits. These can be found in the Loading yards arrangement 2019 .


After assembly, trucks, trailers, vans and swap bodies can be parked from 20th November 2019 to 23rd November 2019 free of charge at the parking area P1 (Poststraße 4). You can find more information on how to get there and the opening hours of the parking area, as well as sites for campers and caravans here: Parking arrangements 2019


For dismantling on 23.11.2019 the entrance to the loading yards is possible from 16:00 o'clock.




Drive-in to the hall

Vehicles, trucks, cars, vans and trailers have to remain outside the hall. This applies at all times from the beginning of assembly to the end of dismantling. Because of the distances from the loading gate to the exhibition stand as well as to the lifts bringing a handcart or trolley or similar assistive equipment is strongly recommended. 





There is a limited contingent of hotels with different price categories available. The contingent is valid from Wednesday, 20.11.2019, until Sunday, 24.11.2019. Please choose Wednesday 20.11.2019 or Sunday 24.11.2019 as booking dates, as the standard view only shows the period 21. - 23. November 2019.



Private rooms can be booked via:



There is also a campsite directly opposite the fair:







If you have any questions, please contact hallsandwalls[Klammeraffe]alpenverein[Punkt]de