Halls & Walls 2023

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Halls & Walls is the annual meeting of the international climbing gym scene Halls & Walls is THE trade fair, information and exchange platform for the climbing gym sector. Managers, operators, route setters and climbing trainers are invited to discuss the latest developments in indoor climbing with experts and learn about most recent studies and research, projects and products of this sport. In parallel to the many different professional presentations, manufacturers of climbing walls and climbing holds, hardware and software providers and suppliers of accessories exhibit their products.   The success of Halls & Walls began as the climbing gym meeting of the German Alpine Association (DAV; Deutscher Alpenverein) in Darmstadt in 2011.   From 2017 to 2019, the climbing gym industry met at the Nuremberg exhibition centre for two days, to allow for a wide range of products and an intensive exchange of information. The event with its mixture of exhibition, expert lectures and industry meetings attracts trade visitors from Germany, Europe and the whole world. Under the influence of the Corona pandemic, Halls & Walls 2020 took place without a trade fair and without visitors as a digital symposium.   However, with around 1200 visitors in 2019 the event has reached a size that the German Alpine Association with its resources cannot develop further without external support. For this reason, Halls & Walls will take place in Friedrichshafen from 2021 as part of Vertical Pro, a trade fair on the topics of safety at work at height activities and rope and safety technologies. The DAV continues to be the organizer for the Halls & Walls symposium. The Friedrichshafen Fair (Messe Friedrichshafen) is responsible for exhibitor and visitor management.   Halls & Walls 2023 will take place in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance from November 24 to 25, 2023. More information is available at  www.vertical-pro.com/en-gb/halls-and-walls. 

Halls & Walls 2022 Review

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Halls & Walls the must-attend event for managers of climbing and bouldering gyms for years.   This year, the climbing gym industry met again at the DAV climbing gym meeting. Halls & Walls took place at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition near Lake Constance on November 25/26 as part of Vertical Pro, the trade fair for "Vertical Professions". Once again, the well-known format of experts presentations and trade fair had been very well accepted and attracted 2100 visitors from 38 countries.   The lectures organized by the DAV were very popular. This year's main topic of sustainability was illuminated in all facets and actively discussed: Reasons and ways for sustainability, how sustainability is already implemented in climbing gyms, ecology in the building sector and diversity in route setting. The lecture program was opened by DAV Vice President Manfred Sailer.     Why do we need sustainability? Only development that is permanently ecologically compatible, socially fair and economically efficient is sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Speaker: Angela Imdahl (Imdahl Institut), moderated by Thomas Bucher (DAV press officer)   Sustainable climbing and bouldering gyms - Do the to-do for yourself and your customers What can my climbing gym do for a future worth living? It was about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), corporate responsibility with regard to ecological, social and economic goals. How to achieve a lot with little money but with commitment. Speaker: Jonas Loss (chief operation officer DAV Kletterzentrum Bremen DAV Kletterzentrum Bremen), moderated by Thomas Bucher (DAV press officer)   What do climbing and ecology have in common: Striving for efficiency In the presentation, the need for environmental and climate protection in general and from the company’s perspective was discussed in more detail. The current funding programs and their hurdles were described. Practical examples with considerations of economic efficiency completed the lecture. The focus was particularly on the building sector, but related topics were also considered. Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Kohaupt (RKW BW - enabler of small and medium-sized enterprises), moderated by Thomas Bucher (DAV press officer)   Diversity in route setting and climbing - How diverse is climbing really?   Historically male-dominated and for a long time inadmissible for women, climbing is now considered to be a sport that welcomes everyone. Climbing should be easily accessible, virtually free of -isms of any kind, and stands for openness. Using climbing, bouldering and route setting as example, we dared to take a look at the climing sport as FINTA+people* experience it. How diverse is climbing really? Which myths persist and which solutions are there? What is diverse route setting and why is it so important for the climbing experience? * „FINTA+“ means: Female, Inter-, Non-, Trans- and A-gender persons. Speakers: Nora Caterin Born und Alise Zvigule from Team Routesetting Symposium, moderated by Niklas Wiechmann (route setter) The presentations can be found in the download section below. 

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Wer in den Bergen unterwegs ist, sollte wissen, welche Nummer man in Notsituationen und bei Unfällen wählt. Wir bieten hier eine Übersicht der europäischen Rettungsdienste. Europaweiter Notruf: 112   Unter der Nummer 112 können Menschen in Notsituationen in allen EU-Mitgliedsstaaten gebührenfrei anrufen, um die Notrufzentralen der Rettungsdienste, Feuerwehr oder Polizei zu erreichen. Auch alle Bergsportler*innen wählen unterwegs diese Nummer. Wenn das Handy keinen Empfang hat, kann man es abschalten und neustarten, dann statt der PIN die Nummer 112 eingeben. Zusätzlich zur 112 gibt es in verschiedenen Ländern und Regionen spezielle Bergrettungs-Notrufnummern. Damit erreicht man die jeweilige Bergrettung direkt und nicht über allgemeine Rettungsleitstellen.   Deutschland: Einheitlicher Notruf: 112 Bergwacht Österreich: Alpin-Notruf Bergrettungsdienst Österreich aus dem Inland: 140 Aus dem Ausland mit Vorwahl 0043-512 z.B. für Innsbruck Italien und Südtirol: Einheitlicher Notruf: 112 Bergrettung CNSAS Bergrettung Südtirol Bayern, Österreich und Südtirol: Notfall-App SOS-EU-ALP Schweiz: Alpine Rettung Schweiz und Rettungsflugwacht Rega mit SIM-Karte eines schweizerischen Netzbetreibers: 1414 Mit SIM-Karte eines nicht-schweizerischen Netzbetreibers: 0041-333-333 333 Rettungsorganisation KWRO für Rettungen im Kanton Wallis: 144 Rega-App alarmiert mit einem Wisch die Einsatzzentrale und sendet automatisch die Positionsdaten Frankreich: Zentraler Notruf aus dem Inland: 112 Rettungsleitstelle Chamonix (PGHM) mit SIM-Karte eines nicht-französischen Netzbetreibers oder aus dem Ausland: 0033-450-53 16 89 Liechtenstein Bergrettung aus dem Inland: 117 Slowenien: Einheitlicher Notruf: 112 Bergrettung  

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