Magui und Akob kommen aus Syrien, sie wohnen mittlerweile in Mering. Magui arbeitet als IT-Beraterin und Akob als Aufzugmonteur. Die beiden sind Mitglieder im Deutschen Alpenverein und wandern sehr gerne. Magui liebt es, in der Natur unterwegs zu sein: „Berge sind unsere Leidenschaft. Dort – in der Nähe der Blumen, Bäume, Felsen, Sterne, in der Nähe des Himmels – finden wir zu uns selbst.“


Auf den höchsten Berg der neuen Heimat

Das Wandern ist für die beiden seit jeher ein zentraler und besonders schöner Bestandteil ihres Lebens. Magui und Akob sind auch schon in ihrer Heimat in Syrien wandern gegangen. Letzten Sommer waren sie dann viel in den Alpen unterwegs, sie haben sogar den höchsten Berg Deutschlands erklommen. Viele kleine und große Berge im Alpenraum stehen schon im Tourenbuch der beiden. Das letzte Ziel war der Hochvogel im Allgäu.


Ehrgeizige Ziele fürs nächste Jahr

Magui und Akob träumen schon von höheren Zielen in den Alpen: „Unser Traum und nächster Schritt sind die Besteigungen des Mont Blancs und des Großglockners.“ Nächsten Sommer soll es so weit sein.


Magui erzählt von ihren Erlebnissen auf der Zugspitze

"After seven hours of hiking and climbing ... we reached the top of the mountain, with our last breath ... I was tired ... so tired and feeling pain in my whole body ... pain ....
And ..it was the hardest moment ... We discovered that we still need to walk more than one hour to rech the first place where we can hide from the storm which is coming behind us... I did not know how I had the ability to continue. The place was far away ... the time was slow ...
I walk ... my backbag was heavy ... My footsteps are heavy ... my shose is heavy .. my breath is heavy ... I no longer feel anything except my heartbeats ...

Rocks, wind, snow and a high slope ... we reached the foothill.. This is the place where every step or every decision is possible to change your life or end it.... my foot is on the ground but i feel hanged between the earth and the sky..
Up there, we saw the sky colored ... From one side of black, one side rainbow , one blue side and one white!

With every step I was looking behind to see how far the dark clouds are.. and I say to Akob (my friend) : the storm is coming. He answers me: keep walking, dont look behind..
I was talking to my self saying: We faced two lighting till now in previous mountains, i hope this is not going to be the third one ..

I walked .. and walked and walked ... silently ..

This is the first time I see Akob tired, his bag is so heavy and walking on the snow ...
Fear was the strong feeling that I felt.. I was afraid of lightning, worried about Akob and of my self.. And between all this silent ..lots of ideas running around my head..
But there was a stronger feeling, it pushed me forward... and forced me to forget about my pain and fears... it made me listen to the nature, to its anger, its joy, its sadness and its tension ... i have heard the sound of mountains , the clouds , the sky and the rocks ...
We were humans ... just a human being ... without any religion, nationality, color.. no future, no past , just this moment .. and ... and we were just beings in the embrace of nature, who is able in one glimpse to end our lives ...

While we were still walking in silence, suddenly I saw two people ... I said hey with a huge smile on my face and I started to scream : Akob, Akob we arrived !!!
I asked the two people to photograph us .. because I felt this moment is not going to die and I want to see it in my eyes not just in my heart ..
After the picture, a big storm started... there was lightning covering the whole sky ..."